Our Story here at Innovative Wood


This company is a small family owned operation. Paul (Owner and CEO) started woodworking as a thirteen year old. Learning as much as he could from his grandfather and uncles, he started on the road to being a master in his craft. He began in the construction trades. He learned everything from framing and decking to flooring and finally trim carpentry. After years spent honing his craft while making a name for himself in the woodworking and construction world, he met his wife Jennifer. Jennifer has a degree in interior design and they began to work on designing and building furniture together. Paul found a niche in small scale manufacturing for woodworking and making furniture, as well as rehabbing houses. He then opened Innovative Wood with Jennifer, mother-in-law Joanne, father-in-law Jim, and his cousin Michelle. Here at Innovative Wood we can make anything you desire out of wood at the highest quality. Paul hand picks the wood personally for all of his custom pieces from choice pieces of wood. With a total of 8 people working at Innovative Wood, we get your job done.

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