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A Message From the Owners

Innovative Wood was started in March of 2010. The company’s goal is to provide high end products to its clients at a reasonable cost. All products are handmade to in-sure quality and to help each craftsman stay in touch with the client’s needs. Because we use solid wood, each piece is unique and reflects the individual characteristics that nature produces. Whether the product be the pens in this catalog or custom furniture and home accessories, we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, low prices, and prompt delivery.

J. Collins and P. Fussell - Owners

 A Word from Our CEO

I started Innovative Wood to provide my customers with products they can be proud to own. I have realized that the market is flooded with “quality” products that are below my standards. I pass on my high standards to all of my employees. I have set up an almost fool proof system to insure my high standards.

Order from us, and your satisfaction is truly guaranteed. Our representatives are real people, not machines, so call and talk to us today.

-P. Fussell- Owner & CEO

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